The Stud

Amselhof Walle in the Course of Time

It was more than 35 years ago that Joachim Kemmer from Berlin who was born in Mark Brandenburg purchased the spacious grounds of Amselhof, quietly situated on the outskirts of Winsen's district Walle in the southwest of Lüneburg Heath, not far from the historic timber-framed town of Celle. Joachim Kemmer named the farm after his first mare "Amsel".


Since 1970 a service station and stud developed which, although always market-orientated, never lost sight of continuity. The herd of mares of this start-up period consisted prefer-ably of daughters and grand-daughters of the then most successful Hanoverian sire "Ferdinand".

Mare Amsel

"Ferdinand" came from Kehdingen, a region whose horses and people inspired and fascinated Joachim Kemmer in a special way. Nonetheless Amselhof developed and always preserved a breeding philosophy of its own.


To a large part the Amselhof-stock was also influenced by the thoroughbred "Waidmannsdank xx" who appears in the pedigrees of many Amselhof horses.

Mares in Walle


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