The Stud

Many famous sires were born here. In combination with "Gotthard" mare "Waldrun" was dam to stallions "Gardeulan I" (bay, born in 1975) und "Gardeulan II" (grey, born in 1977), a year later she was covered by "Grande" and produced stallion "Grandus" (bay, born in 1978).

Gardeulan I Gardeulan II
Gardeulan I
Gardeulan II

All three stallions became successful sires of show jumpers. Black mare "Wega" (Waidmannsdank xx - Ferdinand - Alljeder) found her ideal match in stallion "Absatz". Their two sons, the bay full brothers "Akzent I" and one year younger "Akzent II" made breeding history. In 1976 "Akzent I" was winner of the stallion performance test (out of 30) in Adelheidsdorf and served for many years as top sire at Celle state stud.

"Akzent II" who later was much in demand nation-wide, was first put to stud in Walle in 1977. Actually, Amselhof Walle started its private stallion stud with the stallion "Wendepunkt" in 1975.

Akzent II

At a time when private horse breeding was completely unpopular if not frowned upon, Amselhof laid the foundation for the stud station which was later acknowledged throughout Europe. Frequently the "private" stallions were admitted only for a strongly limited number of mares. So was "Wendepunkt" and later "Akzent II" who were two of only six private sires (belonging to four stations) in 1977 in the entire agricultural realm of Hanover.

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