The Stud

Wendepunkt "Wendepunkt" who was born in 1972 as one of "Wendekreis' " first offspring was bought as a foal by Joachim Kemmer in Kehdingen, brought up on Amselhof, and presented for licensing in 1974.

"Wendepunkt" served from 1975 until 1979 in Walle and left sports horses for all disciplines, licensed sons, Verden auction horses, and precious dams before he continued his career in England. In his new homeland he was overall champion of the British warmblood show in 1991 and his son "Wendeweg" was elected best England-bred stallion that same year.


As regards breeding "Wendepunkt" made himself a name in Germany especially as maternal grandsire of the esteemed "Akzent II"-sons „Acapulco“ and „Alabaster". "Akzent II" who covered on Amselhof from 1977 until 1984 stood for quality in federal horse breeding. Later on the legendary grey stallion "Gotthard", one of the most significant postwar sires spent his remaining years on Amselhof.


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