The Stud

Ravallo Compliment Competent Antaeus

Amselhof has always connected breeding and sports, and in July 2003 came a figurative "Wendepunkt" (turning point) – Joachim Kemmer transferred the farm to his daughter Heike. A bridge between breeding and sports was also Heike Kemmer's appointment as representative of the Verein Hannoverscher Privathengsthalter e. V. (Association of private horse breeders in Hanover) in the Hanoverian licensing commission. At the end of 2003 Amselhof's selection of stallions was added to by two promising new acquisitions.

But at the end of 2005 Heike decided to close down the well-established stud station to be able to dedicate herself exclusively to her sports career and to the schooling of young, talented dressage horses. And so the covering service ceased in the 2006 season. With the schooling and the sale of best bloodlines Heike tries to continue the tradition of Amselhof Walle.

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